Monday, November 10, 2008

Newbie Test

Since I am a complete newbie at writing my own blog and not very computer savvy when trying things new to me, I am experimenting with trying to post a new entry on my blog. If it works great , if not I will be calling on my blog buddies to show me the ropes.

Until I get everything figured out I won't be posting a lot of stuff. Good thing I guess cause if I blogged what is on my mind today I would sound like a bitcher and moaner. I maybe one but I don't want to use my blog for whining and griping about every little thing.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to check out my blog. It is fun to see my friend's from Jackie's stop by.


Sydney said...

Well, it worked. Of course I want to encourage you to bitch if you want to, as you would not believe how many people probably have the same things on their mind -- and then you're doing a PUBLIC SERVICE because it makes us all feel a little better to know it's not just us, lol.

But I also understand your wanting to not post that and give it more energy too. I do my Adventures in Nature blog just so that I can put something up that is fun, educates and is an escape from the trials of daily life up for myself and anyone who happens by......

Keep on posting (she said selfishly).

PDX Granny said...

This is so much fun, isn't it!

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling when I see I have a new comment.

Is that silly, or what?!?! LOL

Now I have to get it together and get another post on mine!

meb said...

Lynn1... I'm responding to your comment on my tagged post on my blog.

We have more in common than acting... I too wrote plays and had them performed. One I wrote was "The Gift of Love", and another thing I did was a murder mystery which we performed as the entertainment for a couple's party.

It was a little unique because even my actors didn't know who the real murderer was until they performed the final scene at which point they had a lot of Improv going on.

Prior to the final scene, we gave the audience 15 minutes to get together and see if they could determine who the murderer was. We used this 15 minutes backstage where I separated each actor, gave each an envelope and it said to all but one, "You Are Not The Murderer". For the Murderer it told him he was and then told him why he did it.

When we went back on stage, when the murderer revealed himself, I almost Laughed Out Loud at the expressions on the faces of the other actors...they were so shocked themselves that they didn't react for a few seconds, and the murderer had to tell them again before they responded.

Not one person in the audience of about 200 guessed the real murderer, and obviously neither did my actors. It was the greatest feeling to know I had pulled it off.

Anyway, don't know why I told you all this... Just reliving the moment I guess.

Keep your blog going... I love it!

meb said...

Oh... Happy Birthday to me!