Friday, November 7, 2008

I've been tagged!

1. Clothes Yeah I wear them. I am not into making fashion statements. If it is clean, comfortable and fits I will wear it.

2. Furniture I am in the market for new family room furniture. I guess I must be hard to please because my Hubby and I have been to many furniture stores from New Orleans to Mobile Alabama and have only seen one sofa, love seat and chair and a half that we like. I am not set on leather or fabric but it must be comfortable and durable. It would help if it wasn't the most expensive thing in the store but I am willing to pay more for good quality.

3. Sweet. I do have a sweet tooth but it depends on how I feel on a certain day. It could be chocolate I crave or something more sugary like funnel cake or donuts. Then again it could be something like fresh pineapple or melon. Just depends.

4. City. I love to visit cities. Among my favorite cities are London, Florence, Venice, Brugges, San Francisco, New York and New Orleans.

5. Drink. On a daily basis I am a Diet coke drinker. I do not drink Coffee at all. I do occasionally drink Wine, Champagne, decent scotch and mixed drinks such as Bloody Mary's & Pina Coladas.

6. Music. I am very eclectic about music. My favorite is Doo Wop, but I also enjoy Rock & Roll, Blues, Soul, Gospel, Classical, Broadway show tunes. The only music I haven't been able to have a deep appreciation for is Rap.

7. TV series. There are so many... to name a few, Boston Legal, The Eleventh Hour, Monk, 24, Lost. Almost any reality show like The Amazing Race, Survivor, Big Brother , Top Chef, Project Runway. I love cop shows especially the Law and Order group.

8. Film. I like most dramas and old musicals. There are some comedies I enjoy. I'm not too big on the action adventures, horror or sci-fi.

9. Workout. Are you serious???

10. Pastries. I am a big fan of donuts though I am not sure if that fits into the pastry category.

11. Coffee. Never touch the stuff in any form. No coffee flavored candies, ice cream or any fancy coffee drinks for me. I just don't like how it tastes.


RBennie said...

Hi Lynn1 - I'm glad I inspired you to start your own blog. Wasn't it fun? I love the name by the way. Remember to tag someone else.

meb said...

Great post Lynn1 -- No coffee at all, ever? That's amazing. I think most of it doesn't taste good, but it smells heavenly.

I'm so glad you've started a blog. It's so much fun to come in and see who stopped by.

Donna in AL said...

Glad you did a blog. I love checking everyone's out.

lynn1 said...

I'm so excited that all of you stopped by to say hello!
I don't know if I will take the time to start new topics frequently. I would proabbly just end up belly aching about something or other anyway! LOL

If I get hooked on blogging it is all rbennies fault! LOL

Sydney said...

COngratulations Lynn!!!!!!!! FOr us I mean, lol. Good to have you in print!

I too don't like anything coffee -ice cream, cake , tiramisu, anything with mohca flavor, but I DO miss my once a day cafe au lait. I explained why I can't drink them on my blog tag which you may or may not have read.

I'm now following you! We'll take belly aching! Isn't it a hoot to get comments???? I love it.

PDX Granny said...

Glad to see you started a blog, Lynn. I love following all my cyberspace friends from Jackies! I don't know that I'll ever get one going myself, but it sure is fun seeing all the others!

Good job!!

Laurie said...

Thanks for posting this and starting a blog. So fun to read about everyone and what they are doing!